Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Circles, Circles, & More Circles!

Kinders learned how to cut circles this week!  I gave them squares of paper and showed them how to cut and turn the paper until there are no more corners.  They cut large circles, medium circles, and small circles.  They overlapped the different sizes of circles on their papers.  The next class period, I gave them paint and an assortment of lids to use as circle stamps.  I showed them how to stamp small circles inside larger circles, how to use the stamps correctly, and how to stamp the shape on their papers.

Amir's Artwork

Sidney's Artwork

Samara's Artwork

Iran's Artwork


  1. I love this lesson! They are beautiful to look at and great for scissor cutting skills.

  2. That is too cute! We did circle cutting this week too but we made Kandinsky circles- maybe I will add stamping in when we are finished :)

  3. Great lesson! I love stuff that is simple and can't have a bad result. I'm pinning this :)